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Mobile application, enterprise application software & web site creation

Mobile application

Create intuitive applications

User's web browsing habits are shifting in line with technological innovations, as exhibited by mobile applications,which are seeing an explosion in traffic.

On the other hand, creating a smartphone or tablet application requires a particular mindset,along with advanced technical skills. Our agency offers expertise with each individual OS (iOS, Android, Windows).

As well as providing shrewd advice on how to design and adapt your offering to the smartphone and/or tablet format,our agency takes care of developing and publishing your application, as part of our holistic, collaborative and long-term approach.

Enterprise application software

Software tailored to your business

To be competitive and efficient, SMEs today are resorting increasingly to software development specialists and customized web solution in order to have personalized tool.

At Web Art Apply software development is at the heart of our corporate vision. Our software solutions are fully developed according to your specific needs, can work on a all wide variety of platforms (Windows, Linux, or any other operating system) and all languages (JAVA, PHP, ASP…).

Combined with our strategic Web and Mobile services, our fully integrated offering takes into account your security and communication requirements, your budget constraints and your profitability objectives to ensure a development in complete harmony with your expectations.

Our team specializes in custom software development is comprised of leading specialists who keep up with the latest trends and work closely with our strategic team to create custom software that meet the highest standards of industry's quality and safety.

Web site creation

Web site in tune with your business

We know exactly what it takes to build an attractive web site, but also what is required to generate results.

In the process of creating your web site, you will be presented with a myriad of different offers, technologies (CMS) and agencies.

Our aim will always be to offer a solution tailored to your needs and human resources. And to avoid falling into the trap of solutions that are overly complex or technologically dependent.

We generally advocate open source CMS systems depending on your needs, but it is sometimes the case that CMS systems available on the market do not strictly meet your requirements. In such a case, we will tend towards a solution based on custom development.

Audit and consulting

Performance review, advices and support

In a fast changing environment, many brands have websites and email programs that are years behind best practice.

In Web Art Apply Company, the consulting is above all a profession based on methods. These allow the realization of working files with recommendations and designs, useful and necessary for project success requested by our customers.

We are listening to you, we are informing you and work with you to design clarity and accuracy contours of your web communication projects in "communication" aspects as in "information systems" aspects.

A digital marketing audit provides the fast track to understand how your digital investments are working and what’s needed to accelerate return on investment. They give an expert view, independent of your teams. They deliver insights quickly and include key recommendations as well as prioritizing critical issues to be addressed.

Custom development

Design and build custom applications

We are more than a simple web design agency and also produce custom applications.

You need a web application for simple or complex functionality we have the resources to meet all of your requirements.

A company is perpetually in motion, which is why we develop applications that can be enhanced and upgraded at any time as your business evolves.

A multitude of basic functionality is provided with standard content management systems, however that does not necessarily meet all of your expectations and needs, therefore Web Art Apply is proud to go further and to offer applications and custom improvements.

Our ability to customize our applications offer our customers the creative freedom and a unique opportunity to develop a web or mobile application to their image.

We provide turn-key services in the areas of software development, web-based or intranet enterprise solutions and mobile application.

Hosting & Domain names

Solutions tailored to your needs

Our organization has a number of servers available both locally and remotely.

Locally on our premises, to enable teamwork and allow testing of the products we develop to test site functionality remotely via our methodology before the site goes live.

Remotely, we offer our customers servers hosted by a range of providers with various different services and technology.

Hosting your web site or application in a safe and secure environment is key for your business, however large or small. We offer a wide range of hosting and web site maintenance plans.

Our aim is to provide you with a tailor-made service and avoid the need for you to acquire server administration skills in house. When you come to us, there''ll be no support tickets and remote server control panels, but human beings that speak your language and are a phone call away when you need them.

As part of developing any web application that has networking requirements, we can also install and configure your own server for you on your premises.

Web marketing

Visibility is key to your digital strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of continually improving your site in order to optimize its organic ranking in search engine results.

The end goal is to increase organic traffic and, ultimately, the number of conversions (be they sales or leads).

Optimization of search engine rankings is automatically incorporated into our methodology from the outset whether we are building a new site from scratch or remodeling an existing site.

Here are a key points about our agency's approach to SEO:

  • Technical optimization (tags, URLs, loading times...)
  • Content optimization (terminology, section organization, keyword density, duplicate content, etc.)
  • Optimization of e-mail campaigns and link building (quality of links, anchor texts, social, IP, etc.)

This work must be performed at the start and on a regular ongoing basis over the long term, while avoiding "black hat" techniques that may incur penalties or result in your site being removed from search results.

Alongside this, we implement a number of tracking tools to measure your position in Google search results pages and other channels.

It is therefore possible to measure the return on investment of our agency's SEO support

Web design

Construct your identity in a digital world

The design of your web site must reflect the image of your business, while adhering to your graphical charter.

To that end, we put a number of graphic artists at your call. They will go through a number of steps to check this subjective aspect of our work with you.

From the very beginning, the design of your web site will reviewed to ensure that all users get a full, responsive experience whether they are on desktop computers connected over high speed broadband or smartphones over low speed connections.

If your site displays quickly and correctly over this type of device, then your entire user base will be happy browsing your site.

This approach discourages "site hopping" and is a way of responding to the needs dictated by smartphone and tablet usage.

Just as with printed graphics, web design also poses a number of constraints. It is important to strike the right balance between loading time, density of graphical elements and optimization of natural ranking. We must never lose sight of the fact that the first "user" to read your site will be Google.

Hence, aesthetic choices will also be dictated by the requirements of the leading search engine.


Never feel helpless

We are there to assist you both at every stage of implementing your project and after your finished site has been delivered.

Think of us as your very own dedicated, on-demand web experts there to ensure that your digital strategy is always in keeping with the growth of your business and with technological developments.

The custom development that we carry out for you may become a key element of your business, as indeed it already has for several of our clients.

At every step of the way, it is therefore crucial to have the support of a team that can handle any changes to your strategy that may occur over time, and to provide advice.

With us no support ticket: just a team of human beings that speak your language and are right behind you by phone and by Skype to assist you.


Here a selection of our latest projects:

Mobile application, Enterprise application software and Web site creation.


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Enterprise application software



Mobile and web application


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Website creation

WAA Agency

Web Art Apply, the digital agency partner to your development

  • 2015

    Above all a family affair

    The story of two brothers who wishes for many years to converge their experiences, their knowledge and skills to work together to a common project. With over ten years’ experience in the field of software development, of web site development, of mobile application as well as in the field of SEO and web marketing, in Europe, in Africa and in Asia, they are thinking to create their own structure.

  • October 2015

    Gathering the team

    After various freelance projects in a team with diverse backgrounds who finds themselves in the mood of innovation, cross-platform creation and the desire to work together, a draft web agency begins to take shape.

  • October - December 2015

    Analysis of usage habits

    The meteoric growth of the Web as part of companies' communications strategy has given rise to agencies specializing in a number of fields. Clients hoping to achieve a higher quality of end services by enlisting a multitude of specialist agencies (SEO expert, web designer, developer, etc.) on a single project often lose their way.

  • January 2016

    Result of analysis

    Experience has taught us that this approach makes the completion of your web project a more complex task, putting your company at the center of a technological decision-making process that can be difficult for novices to grasp, while at the same time, managing the project is all the more time-consuming due to the number of parties involved.

  • Our concept

    Our concept

    This observation has led us to incorporate all of these various roles into our web agency, resulting in better cohesion: our strength is in being able to offer a holistic approach to your digital strategy, with a team that incorporates a range of skills across the board.

  • March 2016

    Our vision

    For our web agency, you will not be a simple project number. Web Art Apply is a pooling of skills, in a human-sized group who love the web and who want to ensure the faultless implementation of the projects you entrust to us.

  • April 2016

    We offer you

    As a global web agency, we can help you on all of the creative chain: usability, user experience, design, development and SEO with the only aim to satisfy you and make you known.

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